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      <page pageid="30" ns="0" title="Store Coupons">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">Aldo Shoes: [url=]10% Off first purchase[/url]</rev>
      <page pageid="15" ns="0" title="Where Did Your Inquiries Pull From">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">Ohio:

AMEX: Experian

Capital One: Pulled from all 3 bureaus.

Chase Credit Cards: Transunion

Chase Banking: Experian

Citi (Consumer and CBSD/Business): Experian

Discover: Equifax

Elavon credit card processing: Equifax

FIA (BOFA): Experian

Barclay: Transunion

New York:

Amex: Experian (three browser trick confirmed, at least for AsherO)

Bank of America: TransUnion

CapitalOne: All three bureaus, duh!

Chase: Experian (three browser trick confirmed, at least for AsherO)/equifax

Citi: Equifax (three browser trick confirmed (AsherO), though it seems biz card was a separate pull), both personal and biz pulls./Experian

Discover: TransUnion

SimmondsFirst: TransUnion

chase banking: trans union

Barclays: TransUnion (browser trick didn't work, two apps two pulls)

Bofa: experian

Schwab: Equifax

Macy's: Experian


Equifax=All my citi apps

Experian= 2 amex and 2 chase

Transunion= 3 chase (came up as first usa)


American Express: Experian

Chase: Experian

Bank of America: Experian

Barclays Bank: Experian, Equifax

Capital One: Experian, Equifax, Transunion

Citi Business: Exquifax

Citi Personal: Exquifax

AT&amp;T : Equifax

Verizon: Experian


Only have access to Experian - Capital One, Amex, Chase, Citi - reg and bus


Amex: Experian

Bank of Am: Experian

Capital One: All 3

Citi Business: Experian

Citi Personal: Experian

AT&amp;T : Equifax (unauthorized)

BB&amp;T: Equifax

Chase: Equifax

PenFed: Equifax


Amex: Experian (1 hit applying for Gold and Platinum :) )

BofA: TransUnion and Experian

Chase: Experian/Equifax

Citi: Experian


Amex Plat - Experian

Amex Gold - Experian( should of done them together)

Citi - Experian

Citi -Experian

Chase CO - Experian

Citi - Experian

Amex SPG - Experian

Chase: Transunion (!)</rev>