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2BM/3BM - 2/3 Browser Method

AA - American Airline or (Chase) Adverse Action

AAMOF - As a matter of fact

AF - Annual fee

AFAIC - As far as I'm concerned

AFAIK - As far as I know

AFAICR - As far as I can remember

AFAICT - As far as I can tell

AOR - App-o-Rama

B&M - Brick & Mortar (physical store, not online)

BOA - Bank of America

BOFA - Bank of America

BOGO - Buy one get one

BOTOH - But on the other hand

BTL - Bachelor of Talmudic Law

BTW - By the way

CAPTCHA - Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

CB - Credit bureau

CL - Credit line

CO - Continental (Airlines)

CR - Credit Report

CMIIW - Correct Me If I'm Wrong

CSR - Customer Service Representative

CTLMS - Comments That Leave Me Speechless

DD –

DDF - Dans Deals Forums

DL - Delta

DO - DO (pronounced like the word do or due) is simply a get-together

E's - Experian + Equifax

EECB - Executive Email Carpet Bomb

Eq - Equifax

Exp - Experian

FAR - Free After Rebate

FTFY - Fixed That For You

FWIU - From What I Understand

FWIW - For What It's Worth

FYI - For your information

GC(s) - Gift Card(s)

GIYF - Google is your friend

GKOY - Gey Koken ofder Yam

HT - Hat Tip

Hn - Henche

HUCA - Hang up & call again

IB - Ink Bold (Chase credit card), Iberia

IIRC - If I recall correctly

IKR - I Know, Right?

IME - In my experience

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

IMO - In my opinion

IOW - in other words

IRL - in real life

LSAT - Law School Admission Test

MB - Mercedes Benz (Amex Platinum card)

MIR - Mail-in Rebate

NOOB - New user

NPSL - No preset spending limit

OBO - Or Better Offer

OP - Original post/er

OT- Off/on topic

PEBKAC - Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair

PL - Priceline

PM - Private Message

POIDH - Pics or it didn't happen.

PUTPAC: Pick up the phone and call

PUTPACA: Pick up the phone and call again

RTM - Report to moderator

ROTB - Rolling On The Belly

SDC - Same day confirmed/change

SEO - Search engine optimization

SM - Secure Message

SP - Sapphire Preferred (Chase CC)

TGTBT - Too good to be true

TIA - Thanks In Advance


TMLT - Tafasta Merubah Lo Tafasta

TMTC - Too many to count

TOFTT - Take One For The Team

TR - Trip Report

TRU - Toys R' Us

TU - Transunion

TWTCSIN - The worse they could say is no

TY - Thank you

UA - United Airlines

UTWP - Use The Wiki People!!

VR - Vanilla Reload

YMMV- Your mileage might vary

YW - You're Welcome

WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

For everything else there is always

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