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Really not sure where to start so I will just say some points and you can ask me to elaborate one you want to know more about.

1. Read the first few paragraphs here Specifically read the 3 browser method (3BM).

2. The best way to earn many sign up bonuses in a year is by doing 2 or maybe even 3 "apporama's". This mean using the 3BM sign up for 3 Chase, 3 Citi, and 3 Amex cards at once.That should only give you 3 credit pulls and those would go away after 6 months when you can do the same thing again.

3. There is a very important concept of YMMV stands for Your Mileage May Vary. What it means is everyone has different results with just about everything. nothing is guaranteed and everyone is just working off a pool of experience. Even if initially you are denied for a card you always call and speak to the reconsideration's department. There are a variety of techniques on how to get cards approved the easiest one being offering to transfer a credit line from an existing card or closing one card to open the new one. If you have to call reconsideration about a specific card we will deal with that then.

4. You must keep in mind while people have received a sign up bonus from the same CC many times (AKA churned many CC's) they must do it in moderation as Amex and Chase could do a review of your account and close down all your cards (Chase can even seize your Chase points)

5. The best 3 Amex cards for there sign up bonus right now would have to be 1. Starwood 2. Platinum 3. Platinum Mercedes Benz. (Here is the Platinum Mercedes Benz offer I will email you the regular Platinum offer right after this (?). the 2 Platinum cards, while they have a great signup bonus, they have a very high annual fee ($450) You will have 60 days to downgrade those cards to a free cc before being charged a prorated rate per month so spend the limit the 1st month receive the points on that statement and downgrade the card before you have to pay the annual fee.)

   The best 3 Chase cards are 1. United 2. Sapphire preferred 3. is up to you Hyatt is pretty good especially for Kauai, or southwest airlines card, or you may also be able to open another sapphire preferred card. Scroll down on the first link I sent you to see a full list of cards.
  The best 3 Citi cards are probably 2 American airline cards and there TYP card for 30K the first year and another 30K the second year.

6. Here are some reference materials to read up on:

  Sending chase a secure message- 

  Once you understand all this we can discus more details. 

p.s. All of this is only possible if you have good credit aka credit-worthiness or your credit score. Credit-worthiness is based on things like your annual income, length of credit history, total outstanding credit with other banks, utilization, number of inquiries on the report. The simple advice to give here is (assuming you didn't do anything stupid like a late or missed payment in the last while) always pay off your bill IN FULL at least before the end of the month but leave $1. So your credit utilization is very low. And like i mentioned before by doing the 3BM and only applying a couple times a year you will keep your number of inquires low.

--HT: JJ1000

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