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Z903315 - Chabad;

Z652297 - BMG (Waives the underage fee);


D453800 25% off Worldwide

C070127 – try these two first

G298100 has a contract rate in JFK if $64 for a full size. Also underage is waived all the way up to 18.

A074800 - Citicorp Leisure Travel – waives under 21

D005927 – Best AWD For European Rentals

C066983 - Golf Entertainment Association LDW included – thanks EliteSuite

A6791000 – Hawaii State Bar

D302003 – Sears and it saved me more than C031529 – Check it out!

D002807 - Amateur Sports Assistance Program (ASAP)


State of Florida AWD #A113400 – Midsize $28.95 - FS $32.95 – Link Contract Pricing This is crzy cheap if you can pull it off

K312601 - American Express

D086533 - Marshall Code

A177204 - USAA Insurance Company - Great rates

D005297 - 30%-40% off in Europe - great rates in USA List country of residence as Estonia get 50%

D005927 - Assoc of Bankruptcy Trustees - Great rates sometimes

D752500 - 35% off in Europe

D005591 - 40% off Europe

O855800 - Lufthansa HON Circle

E888804 - HON Circle - Avis President's Club From Here All President's Club benefits

A563100 -Baylor University

A432123 - May be best European rate

B149870 - Endless Vacation - great Hawaii rates

B900000 - generic AAA code

D005291 - Special AA rate 40% discount in Switz.

L093590 – Great Code Kellwood

L237904 - best in some places

B638829 - WGBH Boston 25% discount

U405347 - Could be the best

A451300 - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

A153700 - does work...internationally. When making a reservation always use the country in which the rental takes place as your home of record. No USA!

P400000 - Tourism Association- Good Rate

Z333300 - Virgin Atlantic

K199060 - Great FL Rates - from major Florida tourism organization - anyone can use

D496201 - great USA rates

T111949 - Another great code

A555095 - Military rate - hard to beat From Here

P786700 - New South Whales Government rate - No ID required

P6824002 - Queensland Government rate - Australia - No ID required

P469100 - Amex Centurion

G298100 - Gevoha - Best rates try first - no underage fee - $62 at JFK

A108300 - Cosco - international, too!

K444404 - Netjets - great prices, international also

D086533 - Another good code for Europe

K860600 - Starwood Preferred Guest (?)

D005150 - National Charter Schools Conference - international, too!

D005297 - ASAP (ameteur sports assistance program) - international, too!

D005927 - National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees - international, too!

D086533 - USC Marshall School of Business

D454000 - Disney123 - international, too!

D833357 - The American Society of Travel Agents

J626300 - Toronto

J868801 - Florida Visitor Bureau - good code

A177232 - Citifinancial - international, too!

A177232 - USAA frequent flyer account - international, too! - Get Their Credit Card

B790000 - Entertainment Book

V125600 – Ohio State University 18 OK

K197800 - Alaska Air

A555500 – US Government – Free Upgrade Use Coupon UULA004 - Linky

K817200 - Starwood

K860600 - Starwood Preferred Guest- seems to be geared towards higher Hawaii discounts

A205700 - Inside Flyer

A108325 or A108300 - Costco

A415900 - BJs Wholesale


L282800 - Best Rates?? - Special UA code

L149332 - $45 a day premium - usually an upgrade also

Z001181 - Good FL code


J946780 - National Weather Association

A298840 - South Carolina Farm Bureau

D002807 – Great rates




B401511 – Stanford University

F999303 - State of Texas


Z619843 - BMG (Waives the underage fee)

W852873 - Costco






CL1111 or CC0196 - Chabad


Corporate Account Number: 41M0174 CHABAD (Password is Cha) Company Headquarters are at 770 Eastern Parkway

Corporate Account Number: 24E8030 BMG (Password is the 3 letters of 'Yeshiva' - yes)

FX1915 Rabbinical College of Long Island (long beach)

Korbmans - 24E2299 (I think it's talmudical academy adelphia so tal)


1221692 - Chabad;

1701220 - Korbmans;

1731630 - BMG;

77694 - USAA;

1876837 - Yeshiva Student Association;

2046380 - Yeshiva

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