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AsherO is one of the most prominent members on the DansDeals forums. The number of his posts are exceeded only by the founder of Dansdeals himself - Daniel Eleff. It is unclear who exactly AsherO is, although recent speculations suggest that it is possible to figure it out from a Dansdeals DO picture. Not only does AsherO hold the record for the most posts from a non-admin member, he also holds records in the following areas: most posts per day, fastest past of growth, and reading the most posts. some speculate that he reads every single post! It is uncertain how often AsherO goes on vacation, as he posts from vacation too; it is certain that after a short amount of time without any posts, threads such as "where is AsherO" will appear. Why does AsherO post as much as he does? He feels that the Dansdeals forums is not just a tool to transmit information, but a vibrant engaging community. AsherO strongly disapproves of members not searching and asking a question. questions should be asked only after the member exhausted all of the over 100,000 posts in the entire forum. When a member's first post is an answer and not a question, AsherO beams with happiness. AsherO's most used smiley is the one with the tongue sticking out. It once appeared on his signature as well. The attitude towered AsherO by other forum members does not vary much; most people highly respect his commitment and knowledge. AsherO hardly ever responds harshly, thus, even the tongue smiley is taken with grace. Some members go as far as PM'ing AsherO when they need approval for tough questions despite the fact that AsherO disproves of that behavior.

And he's married folks.

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